7 Tips To Improve Putting Alignment


When you are aiming your putter at the desired target, it’s not unlike aiming and shooting a rifle while looking at the barrel from the side. It would be so much easier if we could putt like you would play croquet, lined up behind the golf ball and looking forward towards the target! Problem is, the rules of golf don’t allow that approach but there are some ways to align ourselves on the greens that do not break any golf rules. The following 7 tips to improve putting alignment will definitely help reduce the number of putts you make in any given round of golf and will be most beneficial to beginners and amateur golfers.

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From my own experience over the years, I know just how difficult it is to align the putter and, you know what, it’s not just average golfers or beginners…..golfers at all levels have, at some stage, struggled to aim the putter exactly where they wanted.

So what chance does the average golfer have? Well, with the 7 tips to improve putting alignment I write about below, a much better chance than he or she does right now.

Touring professionals have spent years honing and ingraining repeatable strokes and it may not be best for them to change the way they are and have been putting. They’ve earned their stripes, so as long as they return the putter head to a position at impact that starts the ball on their intended line, where they initially aimed, anything else can be of little consequence as regards alignment.

On the other hand, amateurs and beginners should work hard to limit the amount of movement and manipulation in their putting strokes. This will give them the best possible chance to start the ball on their intended line.

So, let’s get started. Here are my 7 tips to improve putting alignment.

#1. Put A Line On Your Ball

This is an easy one to understand. Drawing a line on your ball and aiming it from behind, can help your putting alignment. As we mentioned before, it’s easier to aim from behind the rifle barrel than from beside it.

If, like me, you pay particular attention to putting when you watch golf on television, you’ll notice that a majority of top PGA Tour players use a line on their golf ball for this precise reason.

#2. Use A Putter With A Line

The more lines you have perpendicular to the bottom of the putter face, the easier it will be to line up the putter correctly. Some people have a preference for one line, while others prefer multiple lines.

Whatever you’re preference, there is absolutely no doubt that the majority of golfers will aim their putter better if it has a line on it.


#3. Use Other Clubs To Form Rail Tracks

Similar to practicing your long game, placing a few clubs on the ground will help you to

Using Club for Alignment

see what “square”, “open”, and “closed” looks like in relation to your alignment towards the desired target. Correct alignment is very important but perfect alignment is not mandatory.

Look at it this way, if you think you are lined up one way (say, opened), but you are actually lined up another way (say, closed), I can guarantee you are definitely heading for trouble.

#4. Examine Your Right-hand Grip

For whatever reason, I commonly see people’s right hand too much “on top” of the grip.

Remember, whenever your right hand is in opposition with your left hand, poor alignment will generally follow.

#5. Make Sure Your Shoulders Are Square

Use a club under your armpits, see picture in demonstration below, to see

Align Shoulders using a club

where your shoulders are in relation to your feet and target line. Open or closed shoulders are issues

that are usually affected by your grip on the putter.

Be aware, that golfers with left-hand low grips tend to have closed shoulders while addressing a putt, while golfers who use the traditional, right-hand low putter grip, tend to have opened shoulders.

#6. Keep Checking Your Right Forearm

If your right forearm rides too high then you’ll have a problem of being too “open” to

Forearm too high

your target during your setup. Make sure your right forearm is in line with the club shaft and your left forearm when setting up and addressing the ball. This will increase the odds of you aiming where you want to aim more consistently.

#7. Set Up While Looking At The Hole

When all else fails, just look at the hole, set your putter down, trust yourself and fire. You’ll be aligned better than you think…..

Trust yourself and make the putt

That’s it for now, keep checking in as this website is being updated regularly.

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  1. Odessy currently offers their StrokeLab putters that have a shaft made from steel and graphite. What is the advantage of this type of shaft?


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