What Golf Clubs Are Needed For Golf

What Golf Clubs Are Needed For Golf

Looking back, it was about twenty five years ago, when I was a manager in a construction, installation and service company within the petroleum industry. My hobbies at that time were snooker and football but I was in decent shape and always very competitive in any game I tried.

I started getting some opportunities and invitations to play golf with work colleagues and business associates but, honestly, at the time I had no clue how to play golf and I definitely couldn’t stomach the idea of being whipped on the course by some pudgy, self-obsessed client or work colleague for that matter!

So, I decided to learn how to play this golf game that everybody was talking about.

Instruction And Practice

My instructor showed me all the fundamentals of golf from teeing off to putting and then told me to practice, practice and practice, first at the golf range and then on a local course. He also told me what golf clubs are needed for golf and actually helped me find a really good set of second-hand clubs.

After about a year of practice and playing, I had developed some consistency in my golf game and I was getting more confident by the day. One day, like many in the past, I popped down to my local public course with the idea that I would play a round on my own and work on some parts of my game that needed attention. Then, just as I was getting ready to tee off, an elderly gentleman approached me and asked if it would be alright if he joined me……..I said, of course and that I’d welcome the company.

This Fellow Looked The Worse For Wear

In truth, this fellow looked a bit the worse for wear. He had worn out golf shoes, baggy, wrinkled pants and an old Titleist hat that had seen better days.

The thing that most struck me though, was that he didn’t carry a bag but this strange little contraption that looked like a hanger with three bottom bars, each holding a golf club—three clubs in all.

With just about fifteen months under my belt, I am still a very raw recruit to this game but I’m thinking this guy must be a rank beginner. So, after some small talk and introductions, we teed off.

I settled right in and for the first three holes I was crushing my driver and getting to the green in really good shape. The old gent complimented me several times and helped to further boost my already expanding ego. As for him, well he was struggling but did recover well on a number of occasions.

The Bet

After I parred the third hole and we were walking towards the 4th Tee box, I was surprised when he said, “care to make it more interesting?” By now, my head was far too big for my hat, so I’m thinking I have an opportunity here and there’s no harm making a bit of pocket money. I said, “Sure, how about 5 Euro a hole?” “That’s not interesting,” he said, “let’s make it 20, birdies are double.” Jackpot, I thought.

The Real Competition Starts

For the remainder of the round this old “rank beginner” guy hit his 3-wood effortlessly right down the middle of the fairway, about 230-240 yards every time he needed to. Then he would take out his seven iron and drop the ball within 12 feet of the hole and, to my amazement, he would then par or birdie the hole – every time.

By the seventh hole, I had lost all my confidence and I was spraying the ball all over the course. I really had fallen apart and just wanted the game to end and, eventually, it did.

When we finished I owed him over 200 Euros!

As I approached, he said “no son” and refused to accept my money. Then he said, “Let that be a lesson, son. Anyone carrying just three clubs has reduced this game to its essence and is a master hustler.”

You Only Need Three Clubs

Let me tell you why you only need a 3-wood, a seven iron and a putter.

  • The three wood can give you adequate distance off the tee and is much easier to control than the driver. Plus, you can also hit the ball off the fairway or in light rough with good results.
  • A skilled golfer can hit a seven iron 180 yards or they can chip it in from the fringe and
  • If you learn to use the putter, you can make up many shots once you are on the green.

3-Wood, 7 Iron & Putter

Wouldn’t be enough for me but I do see the logic. Although, I have played in “two club” competitions and it’s surprising what you can do when you are limited to just two clubs.

Sometimes, maybe we over complicate the game…..…food for thought.

That’s it for today…..this may not have been what you were expecting, but I hope you liked the story.

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Cheers for now.