10 Putting Tips


If you need some help with your putting, this is your lucky day.

Why do I say that? Because today, I have selected a bunch of the best putting tips for you and indeed for all golfers…….in fact 10 putting tips.

So, if you’r ready, lets get started.

1 – Take a Putting Lesson

Generally speaking, your putting will account for about half of your golf score, so it is very important to take all the advice you can get and, especially, any free putting tips for golf. Ask yourself, how often do you practice your putting stroke, your alignment, change your grip, or even have a putting lesson? Yes, take a lesson – this is probably the single best tip you will get.

2 – Putter Satisfaction

If you are not happy with your putter, it may not necessarily be a problem with the putter. If your putter is in good condition but you are missing a lot of putts that you would normally expect to get, then please practice and try out all of the recommendations in each of these tips. I think you will be surprised with the improvements you see. Then, in the unlikely event that you are still unhappy with your putter, you can if you wish check out my recommendation from the best golf putters“.

3 – Ball Position

Let’s face it, getting the ball position right is easy when you know the  recommended “best position”, but not all golfers know that best position or they have chosen their own best position – which is fine if it works for them.

So what is the recommended best ball position? Well, for a square to square putting stroke, you take your stance so that the back of the ball is in the middle of your stance, or slightly forward.

4 – Relaxed Top Body & Hands & Grip

To get the correct putting grip, you need to grip the putter as light as possible while still keeping control of the putter head. You should be able to feel the weight of the putter head in your hands comfortably without too much effort. Too strong a grip pressure adds tension to your arms and may reduce the chances of making a smooth stroke.

Make sure your thumbs are pointing down. It doesn’t matter what your preferred type of putting grip is, such as interlocking, overlapping or hands split, you must ensure both thumbs are sitting on the putter grip pointing towards the ground. All great putters, who use the conventional putter, have their thumbs placed this way. This position will keep the putter face square right through the putting stroke and it ensures both hands are working together for a smoother more fluid stroke.

5 – Grip Position on the Putter

Now you have gripped the putter correctly, it is important to realise that the length of the shaft is the biggest factor in getting your eyes directly over the ball. This is important for getting a consistency in reading the putting line from ball to hole – this line is always the same whether it’s a 3 or 30 foot putt. How to grip your putter at the right length:

  • Address a golf ball in your normal putting position
  • Now have a friend plumb bob the line from your eyes to the ball
  • With a relaxed grip move yourself backward or forward until you have a perfect vertical position from eye line to ball
  • Re-grip, whenever your hands are holding the putter grip
  • Mark that position on the putter grip and use it for all future putts.

Now your eyes will always be over the ball.

6 – Putting Stance

It is as important to get your stance correct. Your feet should feel comfortably apart,


never too narrow, and your weight should be biased towards your toes – not as most people tend to address the ball with the weight on their heels.

Your shoulders, neck and back of your head should be towards a horizontal position……if you are standing too upright, there is a tendency to direct the weight of your body towards your heels.

You should be looking straight down over the ball and through the centre of your eye – not out of the lower part of the eye.

7 – Stop the Knees Moving

One of the most crucial parts of your putting stroke is to understand the positioning of your knees. Do your knees move when you putt? The easiest way to stop your lower body moving during your putting stroke is to make yourself knock-kneed. This will automatically put your weight onto the inside of the sole of your shoes. Now, if you make a stroke you will see that the lower body, legs and knees stay still.

For practice, try putting a toilet roll between your knees – you will see a more positive stroke with no movement.

8 – Stroke Through the Ball – Don’t Hit It

You never, ever hit at the ball – like a sharp hammer type hit! You stroke through it.

Try putting with a quarter distance back stroke and a longer three-quarter distance follow through. This will lead to greater acceleration. Now you will find that the ball gets to roll much quicker, it stays straighter longer and fights against taking the break (if there is a break).

9 – Try Putting With Your Eyes Closed!

If you really want to perfect your through stroke, try putting in a normal position but with your eyes closed. What you will find is that, if you watch the ball roll after the stroke has finished, you will see the ball rolls perfectly straight – why? Because you stroked through the ball and not at it.

As your eyes were closed, you never knew when to “hit” and only created a putting stroke. Just one degree of face variation (open/closing) will make you miss a 12 foot putt, so it is crucial to stroke through it – not hit at it.

10 – The “Finish”

If you watch your playing partners or pros on TV, see what happens. First the back

Hold the Finish

stroke, then the “through the ball” stroke and then their finish. Yes – the finish, where normally the club head relaxes. Try a practice putting stroke where your finish is held still. You will notice a different feel – more positive and that you are in control – all good!

Let me know how you get on!

Now you can have a look at the other pages and posts – like best golf putters and best golf gifts.

I would love to hear what you think about this page or the website in general – so please leave a comment or contact me by email.



5 thoughts on “10 Putting Tips”

  1. Ten putting tips was my favorite page.I need more than that at my age.Now at 63 I can practice what might work for me,and know why.
    If you are not playing on TV, ya may be tee’n up with me…an ya may
    Need to check this out. Oh yah,I like to fish too.


    1. Thank you for the comment.
      Delighted to hear you liked the 10 Putting Tips….don’t forget to check out the other pages and watch the website for additional tips.
      Happy golfing, at 63 you have lots of it to come!


  2. When the snow goes I will give this a try. Used to be a good putter but now not so.
    So any indoors suggestions or exercise to help putting concentration.


    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank’s for the comment.
      Practically all of the putting tips on my page “10 Putting Tips” can be practiced indoors on a carpet or on floor tiles….tiles are good because you can use the lines as guides. Either way, indoor practice will improve your putting game -follow the link below for an item that would definitely help with you indoor practice.
      Cheers for now.


  3. 70% of your score is putts and chips, all ocular first and fundamentally.
    If you don’t have efficient and easy eye teaming you are not going to have good touch from efficient depth perception.
    Eyes closed for putting drill means you don’t trust what you see in all 7 eye,ocular and vision efficiency. You are now a mental player and not a feel player. I asked Nick Price in 1993 or 1994, at the Phoenix Open,what a FEEL PLAYER was. I told Nick I was an eye doctor. He looked at me and laughed. He said,”Feel is just trusting what your eyes tell you to do. 🙂 Simple stuff works,from my experience. Truth is just efficient performance, PC or not. I like the woman golfer in your front page – I found women understand feel and intuition better than men.

    Liked by 2 people

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