Best Golf Putters 2019


The vast majority of golfers believe the putter is the most important club in the bag and it is putting or the putter where countless photos are recorded for posterity. So, needless to say, finding the right one for you is very important and, because there are so many options and styles to choose from, I am now giving you this handy guide to the best putters 2019 has to offer.

Some manufacturers have decided to reduce the number of head shapes in their ranges and are emphasizing improved looks, feel and roll of their more compact club heads.

As you will be aware, there is always the choice between a blade, a mid-hammer or a mallet. Blade style putters tend to suit “feel” players with a stronger arc to their putting stroke, while mallets tend to suit golfers who need additional assistance with alignment and/or have much less rotation in their putting stroke.

Arc Stroke

However, this is not a hard and fast rule – a large part of your final decision should be based on what suits your eye and feels good in your hands. This is the only way you will gain the confidence that you need to hole the putts you want.

Don’t forget the other variations of putter design like counter balanced versions, which feature a heavier head and grip to increase overall stability and promote a smoother putting tempo.

What to Consider?

Shaft Lenght: The length of your putter shaft will dictate your posture and, in turn, where your eyes are at address. Getting this right will help you control the alignment of the putter face.

Head Type: Ideally the head type you choose should suit your swing arc, plus your strengths and weaknesses. Mallets tend to offer more stability, but can come at the expense of feel sensation.

Your Preferences: Putting is a confidence game, so you have to love the shape, finish and sightlines on your putter, as well as its weight and feel.

Keeping all of the above in mind, take a look at some of my favourite options below where you will also find links to suppliers and prices.

Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron Select

Four-way balancing means that the putters are balanced from face to cavity and from heel to toe. This creates a putter that is perfectly square at address to promote easier alignment on virtually any lie. Topline thinning gives each putter head a slightly rounder radius, while the neck connection dimensions,  angles and edges have been squared up for a cleaner look from address position. Improved sound and feel are also the result of up to 30% more vibration dampening material linking the face inlays with the putter head bodies.

For more information and to buy, Click Here

Odyssey StrokeLab

Odyssey StrokeLab

Brand new at 2019, Odyssey have just released their new range of putters called StrokeLab. Featuring 10 different shapes (six mallets and four blades), the putters have a new White Hot Microhinge insert that improves the feel. However, the really interesting technology lies in the shafts which are designed to improve your stroke through a change in the weight distribution.

A graphite body with a steel tip, they are heavier than usual which Odyssey say give greater consistency in the back swing, face angle at impact, ball speed and ball direction.

For more information and to buy, Click HERE

TaylorMade Spider X

TaylorMade SpiderX

This is the tenth generation of TaylorMade’s Spider Putter. The refined X is available in two colours, copper finish as you can see across and a midnight blue. The model features a much lighter 15g carbon composite core (instead of 70g on the Spider’s Tour) and a 30 percent heavier outer frame to provide greater stability. This is designed to preserve the speed of the ball and minimize twisting on off-centre hits. There are two compact tungsten weights at the back of the head, both help with this as well.

Finally, this new model has a slightly thicker Pure Roll insert to give a better sound off the face while also improving feel.

For more information and to buy, Click HERE.

Ping Sigma 2

Ping Sigma2

The beauty of the Sigma 2 putters is that you can make some subtle adjustments to the length of the putter until you settle on what feels best – there are marks on the shaft to tell you what lenght you have chosen.

As soon as you hit a few putts the soft feel is noticeable. They have the perfect balance of feeling soft, with a muted sound that’s almost impossible to hear on very short putts, while feeling solid and still getting the ball rolling with good speed.

The ball retrieval feature on the Fetch certainly works, even if you will have to push down hard enough into the cup to get the ball to stick.

For more information and to buy, Click HERE.

Scotty Cameron Concept X

Scotty Cameron Concept X

The new models of Scotty Cameron Concept X, CX-01 and CX-02, mix the visual features of a Newport 2 with the playability of a mallet through high MOI (moment of inertia) “wings” that increase stability and forgiveness.

The mid-milled aluminium face is connected by internal screws that compress the vibration dampening material for a soft, solid sound and feel. The sole zone has an anodized and engraved plate that contains additional vibration dampening material to help improve feel as well as improving MOI and overall balance.

Customizable, removable, heel and toe weights improve stability while increasing the size of the face’s sweet spot.

Note: Prototype at present, available for sale Sept. 2019.

Odyssey Toulon Design

Odyssey Toulon

Coming under the Odyssey umbrella, Toulon Design putters are a premium range that includes seven models – Five blades (Madison, Austin, Columbus, Long Island and San Diego) and two face-balanced mallets (Memphis and Indianapolis) said to benefit from the best materials, craftsmanship, visual appeal and technology. One of the key visible features is the new Deep Diamond Mill face pattern, precision milled into the face of each soft 303 stainless steel head. This pattern channels impact vibration away from your ears to produce a slightly softer, but still a crisp solid sound with good feel.

For more information and to buy, Click HERE.

Odyssey Exo Collection

Odyssey EXO

One of Odyssey’s most striking lines is the Exo series of putters. Each head is precision milled, with a weight saving aluminium red section contrasting with a black stainless steel machined body that increases in MOI for better stability on strikes across the face.

At impact, an all-new White Hot Microhinge insert – a slightly firmer tour developed insert with an identical feel to the tour’s original White Hot insert – gives excellent roll thanks to the Microhinge Technology we saw on the O-Works range.

For more information and to buy, Click HERE.

TaylorMade TP Black Copper

TaylorMade TP Black Copper

The four models in the range – the full–toe-hang Soto, the Juno, the Ardmore 3 and the face-balanced Mullen 2 – have gone through a special plating and hand-polishing process to produce a darker finish with copper accents along the edges. A polymer insert for soft feel and 45° angled grooves improve the roll. The putters are available in 34” or 35” shaft lengths.

The SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 is a welcome addition. It enhanced both feel and club-face control during the putting stroke and the face insert provided consistent performance on centred and slightly wrong strikes.

It’s a shame that alternative sole weights aren’t available in Europe to fine-tune the feel of the putters to suit different tempos, but that said, the standard weighting felt stable and well balanced.

For more information and to buy, Click HERE.

Well, that’s all for today folks………..hope this will help you find your best golf putter 2019.

Have a look at the other pages and posts, especially Putting Stroke Tips and Best Golf Gifts before you go.

Cheers for now.


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