Confidence At Golf Putting


Be Confident When Putting

Today I have a very important tip that will help you improve your putting and, as you know, anytime you improve your putting your scores also improve.

Now here is one of the best golf putting tips and how you can improve your putting…

Confidence At Golf Putting or “It’s Possible” Putting

There’s times when you’re about to putt and you just feel that you’re going to hole the putt. You can’t describe why you feel that way, but you do. For most of us, that feeling does not come often enough.

But you can make that feeling happen more and more, and I’m going to explain how.

Now if you come across a really good putter you’ll find that they hole almost everything. If the ball doesn’t go in, it will be very close to going in.

If you could get into their head you would find that they are trying to make every putt they look at.

They don’t have thoughts about 3 putting or anything negative like that. Instead, they are focused on doing whatever is necessary to hole the putt.

It’s possible, I’m going to hole this putt

Great putters believe they can hole every putt.

Do they hole every putt?


But they believe they can.

And just because they miss some putts, it doesn’t stop them from thinking the next one is going in.

However, and this is important, you just can’t go thinking before every putt…

“I’m going to hole this putt… I’m going to hole this putt…. I’m going to hole this putt.”

Because, if you do that and you miss, then you’ll quickly lose confidence and belief in your putting. But you can do the same type of thing without negative consequences when you miss. To do this you simply have to add two words to a positive statement and those two words are…

Say “It’s Possible”…..Before you Putt!

I don’t know what you say to yourself when you get the feeling you’re going to hole the putt. It might be something like..

I’m going to hole this putt.


This ball is going in the hole.

And like I said… if you were to say that before each putt, you would quickly get discouraged when you miss. But if you add the words ‘it’s possible’ to statements like that, then you can use them before each putt to help you be more confident in your putting. For example, before every putt, you could say…

It’s possible I’m going to hole this putt.


It’s possible this ball is going in the hole.

See, every putt you face has the possibility of going in. So use that possibility to build up your confidence and belief in every putt. If you do this and make it a habit then you’ll be a better putter long term.

That’s a great putting tip, so next time you play golf, give it a try. I’m sure it will help you to putt better.

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