How To Putt On Fast Greens


How To Putt On Fast Greens

For any amateur golfer, summer is a special time of year. Not only are the long dark nights of winter a thing of the past but the weather is finally turning for the better. Flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are singing and us golfers are heading to the practice range trying to improve our swings for the upcoming season.

However, one of the biggest struggles for players at the start of the season, is putting. Especially when you go from putting on carpet or, if you’re lucky, soft wet greens all winter long to playing on dry manicured greens. So any tips about how to putt on fast greens is very welcome.

This article is meant to help you to improve your success rate when putting on fast greens. Not all golfers will choose these golf putting tips, yet most amateurs should. The reason why these tips are good for amateurs is that the tips are easy to remember and particularly helpful to those who don’t get enough time to practice.

Although you may not ever encounter greens like those you see at the major golf events, you will come across fast greens that can be equally challenging, at least to us amateurs. So, if you want to develop more confidence and consistency on fast greens, be sure to follow these six tips.

#1. Think About the Putt Before You Hit Your Approach Shot

On fast greens it is imperative to think ahead and position yourself for success. Positioning your approach shot on the green correctly will minimize the risk of a three putt and will ultimately lead to more successful putts. If a green is severely sloped back to front you won’t want to face a five foot putt downhill. This type of putt can easily run twenty feet past the hole resulting in a three or four putt. Instead, do your best to leave the ball below the hole and in a good position to make an aggressive stroke.

#2. Play More Break

As greens become quicker even the smallest degree of slope will affect the line of your putt. To compensate for this, make sure to play more break and focus on missing your putts on the high side of the hole giving yourself a chance to make the putt.  Always keep in mind that putts missed on the low side of the hole never had the opportunity to drop in.

# 3. Hit Downhill Putts With The Toe Of The Putter

If you’re facing a quick downhill putt that you fear may run six feet past the hole, try to deaden the ball at impact by hitting it with the toe of the putter. You’ll find that this will help you control the golf ball on those testy downhill putts.

#4. Maintain Light Grip Pressure

To help increase your touch and feel with the putter, don’t grip the handle so tight that you’re “white knuckling” it. A light grip will help increase your feel and pace when you’re trying to keep putts on line.

#5. Keep Your Posture During the Putt

The easiest way to block a putt (causing a push to the right) is to come up and out of your posture during the putting stroke. To maintain your posture, make sure to keep the back of your neck still. This sensation will ensure your head stays down throughout the entire putting stroke.

#6. Consider Using a Lighter Putter

On fast greens, the smoother and more consistent stroke you can produce will help you become a more consistent putter. Using a lighter putter will help you produce this stroke on a more consistent basis.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to find more success on the greens!

That’s it for today.

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2 thoughts on “How To Putt On Fast Greens”

  1. GOOD STUFF! very good tips for golfers
    like me that don’t play on TV
    I enjoyed every page,very good putting tips I needed to know
    Many golfers can spell golf But still don’t know the basics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Putting on fast greens is always a challenge, glad to hear you liked the page and I hope the tips work for you….if you persist, they will help improve your scores.


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